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6 month room


Ah the 6+ Month room –

The place I should have been if only I didn’t cave

The walls are a lot whiter than I expected (almost too white) I’m going to send some of my day one friends down here and were going to give them a little color – you guess the color it begins with a “Y” - lol

Looking around the room I see a few different things, some bad dreams, some really happy people who are proud of themselves for making it this far, some reaching 11 months, some having some slight cravings and some minor weight concerns but over all pretty damn impressive. What a change you all have made. When you look back at your beginning post I guess your concerns of today really aren’t that bad – right?

Congrats to you all – keep up the good work and please come back to give the rest of us a little kick and a push when we need it.

One few last request – when you leave the room headed to the penthouse please wipe the foot prints off the coffee table, throw away the food in the refrigerator, empty the pantry and change the sheets (I have a black light I see what you’ve been doing on the bed) and I call the blue room with the smokers balcony….. Oh I mean with the …….. Can’t think of a new name for it (it’s always been for smoking) glad I still got time to think about it

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yes no nicotine stains on these walls (or ceiling!) and i think you're right about the long term residents here, doesn't seem to be much in the way of desperate craving and posts entitled 'aaaarrrrrghghgh!!!' but don't worry i'm sure i will rectify that before the next 6 months or so are out :rolleyes:

change the sheets (I have a black light I see what you’ve been doing on the bed)

Ewwwww! I mean... EWWWWWW!!!!:eek::D

hahaha, yeah, speaking of wall nicotine stains tho, I went to one of the few irish pubs in Luxembourg (where 80% of people smoke...) and someone accidentally knocked over a photo frame that was on the wall - the paint behind the frame was WHITE! Here's me thinking the pub was actually painted a warm yellowish colour - it was all the nicotene staining the walls... no THAT'S EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWW!

I'll be here for kicking and pushing when needed Sparky, to be honest I think people doing that for me (and also being inmensely stubborn) helped me through those 'aaaaaaaaaarrrgggghhh' times... I'm afraid to think I'd have to go through that again.

The worst will be over for you soon Sparky... keep at it, serial quitting is better than not quitting at all - one of those quits is bound to stick!

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