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Here it is

the big day 4 post.... Where do I start.

Ok, for starters I don't like the new room. It is way to big and I feel like I may get left behind in here so I think I came up with a solution........... here it goes- Days 1,2 & 3 all have their own room. They are small not to crowded and frequented by familiar faces. Those rooms get extra attention because everyone wants to help the newbie or the ones stumbling. Those of us that make it further and further are put with bigger groups of the population with hopes of learning our own self defense skills..... That my friends is exactly where the problem begins, I'm thinking that at the end of every third day I will light up and take one puff of a smoke so I can re-join the day one crowd. Sounds reasonable right?

Think about it – “room for days 4-7” where is the excitement? Let’s see by a show of reply’s how many people actually come into this room………. Will every visitor that comes in please post something? It can even be as simple as telling me I’m nuts. I’m ok with that.

Alright now that you heard all the things you didn’t care to let’s talk about the positive. I am now 4 days into a good quit. The problem that I am currently faced with is that I really didn’t think that I could make it this far with a cold turkey quit so I don’t feel like I had a proper last cigarette. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hello - anyone home? what if this had been a real crisis? this room isn't going to cut it much longer. Day one here I come


Hey wait!!! i'm here! I know just where you are coming from with the days 1, 2 & 3 having their own rooms cos ive got to day 5 and looked in the days 4-7 only to find i feel a little overwhelmed too....

I'm sure its just us being overly sensitive but maybe it's something that should be addressed. keep up the quit and im sure more people will be along soon :)

PS... Just a thought but maybe we are all in different time zones if we are in different parts of the world? I am in the UK and its midday but i suppose if i were in australia it would be the middle of the night so.....


CONGRATULATIONS on day 4 to you and Tamwill :)

Im a day 5er Karri but thanks for the congrats anyway:)

5hrs to go and i'll be a day 6er!!! :D :D


Well done on your day 4. I look at all the new posts no matter what forum they are in. I am just too nosey to not look lol



hey sparky i look at all posts to just been out today well done on day four u are a star


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