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I am still here!!

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well, and hi from the USA! Sorry to not be about, we have been incredibly hectic! Sold a house we stored a lot of things in so had to move it all, may have sold our actual lived in house and are frantically looking for a nice house we can move into! On top of that I have started college, little one started nursery, we are attempting to organise the taxes for partners three businesses and get back on top of everything!

Smoking wise I did have a blip - smoked one on New Years Day (possibly just doing the opposite of everyone else!). Did not even realize I was doing it, was with old friends and just took one when it was offered - partner saw and took it off me, and I have not even thought about one since! Tasted GROSS and made me feel sick for a while so never doing that again.

Am not really counting my blip as it was almost not conscious, and been a while since. I go days without thinking about cigs, I think cos so busy, but actually had a little time tonight, so thought I would pop on and say hi :)

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Well done you for just putting your 'blip' to 1 side and carrying on! Great to hear that you are doing well!


Seems to be a lot people have had blips or total relapses recently, well done for understanding yours was a blip and moving on.


YAY Genes, good to hear from you :D:D

Think we can forgive your new years day blip, I am just so chuffed through all the rush and stress of your move back state side you didn't fall off totally.

October seems to have been a good month for stopping as there are quite a few of us left still not smoking.

Glad it is all working out for you over there. We are hopefully heading over that way next year for a long holiday to see if we like it. If we do there is the chance DH could get a transfer over there. Just have to wait and see :D exciting though :D

Don't be a stranger. Take care.

Sian xxxx


Hey Genes, that's great news! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know that all is good :)


Well Done

Hi Hun

How lovelly it is to hear from another one of the Oct 2010 quitters. Glad that the quit is going well and that even though you had a "Blip" you have gone past that and stayed on the straight and narrow.

Well done for starting college too and for settling back into life back in the States.

We are all doing so well in the Oct group so make sure you sign in too and keep that updated also. Keep up the good work and heres to the 4 month mark.

Keep in touch hun. Take care


Well done you : )

I love the way you describe your blip, not happened to me, yet, but if it did I hope someone would stop me in time too.

Good luck with all the new things in your new life.

Take care.



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