No Smoking Day
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Day 1 Again!

This is my third attempt in less than a fortnight and I'm hoping this is "the one". Went 2 days the first time and 1 the second so not a track record to brag about by any means.

I have read more in the last few days than I have in a lifetime and plan to keep doing this as it does help.

Got the next 4 days planned with military precision so there aren't any long periods where I'm doing nothing.

:D <-------- me now

:eek: <-------- me at about 9am tomorrow

:cool: <-------- me on day 4

Fingers crossed I don't have to do the walk of shame out the forum door over the next few days!!!

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Well done Karri. Glad you decided to get straight back on it.

Don't beat youself up too much about smoking before, it can happen to anyone. Just make sure you learn what you trigger was and don't let it get you this time.

I don't think I would have got through week one if I didn't have my x box to distract me. Find something to distract you this week. I also knitted, as did another lady on here and she is also still quit. Didn't knit anything fancy just scarfs. But everyone in my family has a scarf now lol

Stay strong today.



Hello Karri,

Well done on quitting!!!

The 1st few days is always the hardest, I think that is what is spurring me on to not smoke as I remember what it was like for the 1st week and do not want to go through it again.

Keep on with it tho, be strong and it will get easier!!! Find something to do, like above try knitting or doing something that keeps your hands & or mind busy. Long soaks in the bath worked for me and staying away from smokers also helped.

One hour at a time!!!

Shaz x


Karri - well done you! And good luck with the interview :cool:

I spent the first day or two muttering 'never take another puff - never take another puff - never take another puff - never take another puff' (I'd read a lot of Joel Spitzer's articles!). It seemed to work!

I also had a little go at EFT tapping (search for it on youtube). I'm not even remotely convinced that the actual tapping has any effect whatsoever, but the dealing with craves tapping routine is like a meditation exercise, and by the time you've finished doing it the craving has usually passed.

Whatever it takes! You can do this. Smoking, lets face it, is just horrible. How great will it feel to be free?

Hel x


Good luck on your interview today Karri. We are pulling for you to make it through today. I sounds like your off to a good start with a plan in place.

Please check back to let us know how your doing


WELL DONE! You can do it - I have just quit - now on day 27 - having smoked for 34 years. I'm using patches and they do seem to take the edge off for me. I just keep telling myself 2 things: 1. I would rather be wanting a cigarette now than wishing I had stopped when I get diagnosed with Cancer, COPD or heart disease in 10 years time, and 2. Just for today - worry about tomorrow, tomorrow! And remember quitting smoking is HUGE! and the most important thing in you life right now.

Keep reading and posting,



I look at the shop across the way and my head goes - cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette!!!!

Then tell it even louder to SHUT UP lol Seriously though, that voice gets quiter over time. It is going to shout loud over the next few days but, you know what, you are stronger than it !!!

Now, I am not one of those people into all that positive mental affirmation rubbish, but (feel quite shamed to admit this :o) it really helped me be louder than the voice in my head. When it started to shout at me I would say to myself 'I am a strong independent women that can do ANYTHING she sets her mind to' Like I say, never, ever been my thing but it really helped me.

You're doing great, Stay strong


p.s, sorry your interview was rubbish, there will be something better for you out there


Hang in there Karri the first few days are the hardest. It will get easier I promise


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