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I am Rich haha


ever since i quit on the 10th oct 2010 i have been putting the £5.80 i spend daily on cigs into a jar duck taped so much it took me about 20 mins to open.

anyways the idea was to open this up on my 6 month quit date .

being skint as skint could be i had to open the bad boy up last night , to my amazement i had just over £700 in there .

cannot wait for the weekend now when i will be putting a healthy deposit down for my honeymoon next year .

long live the none smoking

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Thats the stuff - I tried to put money away each day, but kids needed new shoes, xmas prezzies etc so ended up with an empty jar. :(

It did make me think though how we always managed to find money for fags no matter how skint we might have been? :rolleyes:

Oh and cograts on your upcoming life of doom and strife!! :eek: (only joking);)

as I am only 24 and have no kids I have been finding it quite easy to put away the money , It does make you think when you have a big wad of cash in your hand why did I ever start to smoke. in theory smoking is just like setting fire to the money . you spend stupid amounts of money on paper you set on fire to give you some satisfaction for a few mins a day . you are right in the reply by saying it does not matter how skint you are you always somehow find money for cigs .that was so true . i never went a day without buying cigs I very crazy habit . I remember being so skint once I had to go down to my bank and draw out £6 because you cannot get £5 out of the cash machine . that was a low moment .

thanks for the remark of my pending life of doom that I have coming my way . looking forward to marrying my high school sweetheart haha. her mum said it was about time been with her for about 9 years now . young love and all that haha

Good for you Gary :D

Congratulations on your quit & forthcoming marriage ;)

Good to see your of fine form this morning John :eek:

Gaynor x

Wooow! I wish I would have done that now! That's funny about the duct tape... I think if I was really wanting a chocolate bar inthe first few months I would have ripped the jar open with my teeth!

Congrats on your deposit, your fiance must be so happy :)

well done for keeping to that gary, i am sitting here and imagining all that money!!

SLB, there's no reason you can't start now, just to remind yourself just how much money we used to waste on cigs!! might try it myself :D

Hmmm, you know I think I might! If I ever feel like I'm losing my resolve I want to have a wad of cash to remind me of my reasons!:D

ok, started a jar off with £7, 6 for the cigs and a pound for a lighter (threw my collection away :)) and you know immediately that seems like a crazy amount of money to just 'burn' like that!!

long live the none smoking

and long live all of us!! :);):D

Wow, Gary, that is bloody brilliant. Congratulations on the quit, the savings, and the impending life of marital bliss (don't listen to J! :D).

See now I'm almost wishing I smoked 'real' fags instead of rolllies, just so I could have had a jar :p

I think I only spent six quid or so a week on rollies, so no big savings for me.

That's not why I did it though - my big incentive is my little lung function meter! Aaaand ... breeeeathe. Do we hear a cough? Do we hear a wheeze? NO! That's worth a few hundred quid to me in itself.

so true HelsBelles!

5mol<er... I can't bring myself round to doing that! I'm really broke this month and even using lots of coupons for discounts... which just shows that when you're smoking you really don't think of money spent on cigs as money! But I want to have a wad of cash to hold so I'll get myself a jar today :)

where did we find the money for cigs ???????????///

always had it never have itnow .

must be spending to much on food

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