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The Last Smoke!!


Hello Everyone I'm Clair and I was a smokeaholic.....:D

Well today is day 1 of being smoke free, I have smoked for 22 years around 10-15 a day, and for the last few years I have wanted to quit, I don't know why I haven't tried seriously before (apart from last September when I managed 9 days and then just caved in)

But this time I really want to stop, I am starting with the patches (wish I could go cold turkey, but don't think I am that hardcore :D)

It's weird because for the last 20 odd years all I have ever revolved my life around was cigarettes when I think about it!, when can I have one, how many have i got left?, god I can't smoke in here!, airports were a nightmare of thinking about the next fag and how long I had to wait for one.

counting how many I had smoked (feeling guilty if smoked too many) etc etc

Now all I am thining about not thinking about them!!!!!

It would be great to hear your comments on how your'e coping and hopefully we can support each other over the coming weeks/months

Take Care

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Hello & welcome to the forum :)

Please feel free to kick off your shoes and take a seat, CamperPete our trolly dolly will be round shortly with refreshments :D (Just kidding Pete)

As long as you take it one day at a time then you should be fine, the patches will help however CT is the best way... I have found that out :)

Read posts on here there are a lot of very good words of wisdom and external sites for you to look at :)

Shaz x

Hello Shaz

Thank you for your warm welcome and advice, I will have a look about, want to keep my handa as busy as possible:)


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