No Smoking Day
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Week 2!!

...and I feel crap.

But that's less to do with not smoking and more to do with life in general although I think not smoking is intensifying my emotions as I get upset really easily.

I miss smoking as it gives me a break from whatever it is that's upsetting me - but after reading I can rationalise it.


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Week 2 was rough on me hunni, keep going with it! it is my 3rd week now day 15 and to be honest I am feeling a lot better. I started on the Champix but now I am going it CT as I don't like the sickness that the tablets give me.

Keep going!!! it seems like a slow ride but it is well woth it!

Shaz x


Oh good for you going CT.

It seems fitting that by quitting smoking you are overhauling your lifestyle to a healthy one - so going CT is ideal since you're free from nicotine, medication etc.

How's it going?

I feel okay, but I feel more vulnerable not smoking as those 5 minute breaks where I could storm off used to help me gather my thoughts...hmmmmmm.

I start work (2nd job) at a pub tonight where a few of staff members are ex smokers which may help.

Thanks for the support x


Keep going, given the circumstances you have explained, you are doing really well, it can only get easier x



Day 10

...and much better - thanks for your support :)

Feel in a happier place, have been fine around other smokers and I'm quite calm.

Hope everyone is doing okay xx


I found that by month 4 I felt I was going mad. Doctor diagnosed severe depression and I got myself a counsellor. Interestingly, it all seemed to boil down to a loss of 'me' time. The smoking breaks were a nicotine hit but also a chance to stop and take a break. I was told to work in a nice thing a day just for me which I still do to this day. It gave me back my break time without filling myself with nicotine. Its worth a try x


I may be stepping a little out of line but my last couple attempts were made using Chantix (our version of Champix to you) and I was having an awful time between the feeling sick and greatly depressed. While the CT approach has not been any easier in the beginning at least I'm not dealing with medication side affects to. Please If you don't feel yourself seek advice from a doctor right away. Best of luck to you. While medication may be the best approach for some people it is not a good fit for everyone.


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