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back on day 4 again

Hi all, was going really well, got to 2 weeks and then had a very stressful day and a big row with OH and smoked 10 then stopped again for another whole week then had a bad day and smoked 10, then aother 10 the next day and then stopped again and am on day 4 again - finding it tough, but just telling myself that it did get easier after the first few days.

To all who have slipped up and think that its the end of the world!! it's not!! dont think i may as well just start smoking again - do whatever it takes to keep on your quit!!

I could really just have a fag as i type this but I wont, it doesnt make anything better at all - I learnt that from my slips - when I thought about it afterwards, did i feel any better after a fag? NO! did it make the situation any better? NO! did i feel any less stressed after it? NO!

STAY STRONG whatever you have to do to distract yourself for that few seconds or minutes - just do it!

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yes stay strong glass, you seem to have all the right ideas there, and of course coming and posting here is often the best way to get through in the longer term once you have fought that initial craving....

the big test for you will be rejecting the urge to buy that pack of ten, maybe next time you buy one you should take it to a quiet place and rip the cigs up one by one before you can smoke them, may seem like a waste, but better that than smoke them!

best of luck :)


Good advice 5mol<er... anything is better that smoking them.

It's great that you're not letting this psyche you out glass, you're doing what you need to do (learn from it) and move on.

Scary to see how no matter how happy everyone is as a non-smoker ppl tend to go back... it's a slippery slope.


keep trying,youll get it!! happy to see that you dont give up..that is half the battle!


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