No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Well I have managed to get through day 1..........again:)

It helped that I got up 11am as I usually smoke a lot in the morning ie around 6/7 cigarettes with 2 cups of tea. I didn't find the day too traumatic and kept myself busy by reading the Alan Carr book and anything else I could on the internet to keep my mind busy.

Have had a few moments where I have had to stop myself running over to the shop to get some cigarettes but the cravings haven't been horrendous.

Putting me off a little is that I have pain in my calf and ankle on my left leg which I also had last time I tried to give up. It is like a cramp sensation which I would expect to have while being a heavy smoker, not while not smoking at all. Also I am suddenly aware of my heart which feels really strange.

I have to be honest and say I can't decide whether I want to be a non smoker or just someone who smokes lightly ie after meals etc. You know how they say eat what you want but in moderation, well I'm wondering if it's the same for smoking.

I better go to bed - I can feel myself about to burst into tears and I don't actually know why :(

Good Night to anyone that might be here x

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Well done on your first day :)

I'm not surprised you're feeling upset, after all it's a life changing decision and process.

And no, it's not the same for smoking....You can't smoke in moderation. You either smoke....or you don't. Yes it is hard, but you've done one day. Don't look at it as giving up forever, look at it as giving up one day at a time :)

And come on here as often as possible, the support on here is fab :D


congrats on your first day quit karri! i really do understand how hard it is but know that it will get better and you will repair one day at a time. this forum has been a lifesaver for me. it has stopped me from picking up a cig many times. wishing you continued success. we are always here to help eachother:)


Well Done Karri.

I was keeping an eye out for you yesterday so sorry that I missed this.

Stay strong, and to quote another member Keep on keeping on :D:D


Hi Karri, you can do this. You need to try n not mope about loss and celebrate the freedom from the smell, cough etc., whatever motivated you to stop in the first place.

I know its not easy - read the stories on the Quittime website and try and stay strong. Day 7 for me and it does get easier. Good luck x



Thanks for all the messages - I really appreciate them.

I have woken up very down today and am crying as though I have actually lost a person from my life and not a cigarette :rolleyes:

Get yourself out of the house, go for a walk, go to the gym, go sit on a park bench and watch the world go by but don't sit at home and mope.

Get busy !!!! Distractions is a massive help in stopping. Sitting, thinking and lets be honest wallowing won't help you.

YOU CAN DO THIS !!!! We are all with you.



grief or release

you go gal x you have done it ! now if you see one of those things don't put it anywhere near your face ! good on ya


I stole this from someones signature but every time I read it it makes me think

"Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find that you have crossed the mountain"

Hope you are getting on alright



Hi Karri,

There's a few things in your posts I need to answer, so forgive me for not using quotes.

1) Feeling depressed ... this is normal, everyone goes through it at one point or another in their quit. The teariness, the sense of loss. You'll find loads of posts about it if you trawl. Don't let it be the thing that makes you give in, because it doesn't last forever.

2) Part time smoker - NO! You either smoke, or you don't. Smoking less doesn't mean you're not damaging yourself. Here's an article that might convince you:

Also, look up 'contents of a cigarette' - the list of the unbelievable number of additives and chemicals in a fag is gobsmacking. These things are bad for you, END OF.

3) Grieving for the loss - we all feel like we've lost something, like being bereft of a 'friend' when we quit. But we haven't. You really need to work on altering your mindset, if you can do this and learn to understand 'the want' better, it really helps. Try starting here:

I hope at least some of this helps. Don't be downhearted. If you persevere through this tough part the day will come when you will start to feel better, when it won't drive you mad any more even if you do occasionally crave, when you'll really start to recognise the benefits, when you'll wonder why the hell you ever wanted to sign your life and lungs away to this stupid drug.

You can do it. Hang in there.


Helesbelles, that is TOTALLY SPOT ON. Especially the 'part time smoker' thing...

as for losing a friend... Karri think of yourself an abused person in a relationship. Let's say your husband/boyfriend treats you like the lowest form of life and is slowly killing you. What would you recommend to someone in that position?? Leave him! It's the same with cigarettes, it's so easy to 'go back to them' because when we have 'good times' with cigs then it feels great (or so we perceive it)... but what about all of the bad times and the harm that it does you? Just think that you're better than that.

Hope that made sense.


oh, and P.S... you can definitely do this :) Everyone has to start at Day 1, take it one day at a time


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