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22 days feels to be getting easier!!!!


Hi all well day 22 is nearly over and I feel like getting easier. Had a few urges today and craves but felt great in myself that I have the energy to fight the demons off.

I watched my friend smoke in front of me and I had my inhalator and for a moment I really hated the smell of smoke.

I do caring and all my clients know that I have given up and I enjoy saying to them that I am still smoke free a non smoker in 16 years.

I know there is still a long road ahead but gonna get reduced patches this week start weening myself of nic fingers crossed.

Hope you all having a good day smoke free xxxx

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Still piling in those days and weeks, Emma :)

Bet you are enjoying not reeking of smoke. Time will just get easier and the old smoking you filled with the unhealthy, smelling, nicotine stains will be of the past. So even if you do think there is a while to go....it's all good and keeps getting better on the route.

I work from home and go into the office weekly, usually go out for a fag with my friend during the breaks. I felt really bad today when she was left on her own to go outside. But did not feel strong enough to stand outside with her whilst she smoked. She was great though and very supportive.

so happy to see my fellow quitters doing well!! keep it up :D im doing well and just hoping it stays good:rolleyes:

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