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No Smoking Day
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both thoughts are upsetting

i was thinking this morning on my way to work about smoking for really no reason at all...then i again relized that i am a non smoker--38 days now:D i was upset thinking that i will never have another cig in my life :eek: and then a worse thought came to mind-smoking for the rest of my life!! they are both scary!!:eek: has anyone else expierenced this?? hope all is good with my fellow quitter and keep strong!! to all those who are having problems staying quit you can do it...get back in the right mind set and try again. smoking will not solve your problems..it will just make them worse!!

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wow, nice thinking. i have to say my brain never seems to get much past the first thought! but smoking for the rest of our lives would be just the worst thing ever! in fact it is an unthinkably horrific image :eek::eek:


agreed handiman. especially when you first quit it seems absolutly horrifying to think of never having another cig again.. but as time goes on it doesnt seem as horrifying...but still a little troublesome. so ageed that you just say that you choose not to smoke instead of thinking forever and scaring the you know what out of yourself!!;)


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