No Smoking Day
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will be in the 20s tomm woo hoo

Well other than being ill i am coping ok - even managed to get through a day without a patch on as totally forgot about it.

I am managing to get out of the habits that i was in b4 so instead of getting up at 6 to have a cig i stay in bed till half past lol then have a shower instead to wake myself up..

The kids love it that i can gove them a cuddle and not smell of smoke and so far i have saved £180 in 19 days and i have not even treated myself yet so think some spending at the weekend is in order..

Other than feeling yuk i think i am going to crack it this time and my goal is my hols and not wasting money on cigs.

The one thing that i was shocked about today was that found acetone was in cigs - thats the nail varnish remover for when i have my nails done not good at all think that has helped me make my mind up that i never want to smoke again.

Hope you all having good smoke free days and good luck xxxx

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well done on getting out of your teens :D

These are the three that stuck with me

Formaldahyde (for preserving dead bodies)

Arsenic - a poison used as a pesticide on the tobacco plant and is never washed off

cyanide - also a poision used as a pesticide on the tobacco plant and not washed off

Horrid that we were putting these posions into our body


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