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Trying To Quit


I have been smoking for over 30 years but have only seriously considered giving up this year. I have always been adamant that I would continue to smoke regardless of the cost and genuinely enjoy a cigarette. No amount of shocking documentaries or adverts showing the affects of smoking has ever put me off and I have happily puffed away knowing what consequences my actions could have.

My mother died four years ago and her problems were clearly from smoking as one of the conditions she suffered with was COPD. It is only recently though that I have suddenly become scared of following in her footsteps and cutting my time with my family short. It scares me that I get out of breath so quickly and I think I may already have damaged my lungs to the point of no return. I won't see my GP about this as I think I would rather not know but will try and stop anything progressing quickly if my fears are right.

My first quit attempt started on Tuesday 1st February, 2011. I got through day 1 and 2 but panicked the second night. I used an electronic cigarette after doing lots of research on the internet and think I did more harm than good. I never had the thing out of my mouth for 2 days and think I overdosed my body with nicotine. Not a pleasant experience and it has put me off using the product again.

I know I want to try again despite smoking today but am not sure yet how I am going to do it. I looked for somewhere I could find support from others in the same boat and ended up here. I hope with people to turn to and some willpower I will be able to try again. I'm not sure how many times I will be trying again until I crack it but I think I'm half way there by just wanting too.

I have found today that having cigarettes in my bag did ease the craving a lot. I smoked because I wanted to and not for the sake of it. Maybe cutting down over a period of time will be the way forward for me - or maybe not.

Whatever happens it will be great to know I have this place to come to for help, support, tips and advice.

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Hello, and welcome.

I'm glad you're on the road to quitting. The health thing is scary - a flu induced asthma attack at Christmas was one of the things that finally scared me straight.

I totally understand how hard it is. And you're absolutely right that you will only quit when you absolutely, unequivocally want to do it. It seems you do want to but fear is still getting in your way. You'll find you're not alone in that! That fear of facing the world without a cigarette is like a huge hammer that knocks many of us off the wagon when we've barely begun our quits.

Like lots of us on here I can't offer better advice than this; read, read, read and prepare your mind. No matter whether you use NRT or any other props, when it boils down to it what you are undertaking is a psychological change, and to read about it is to arm yourself for that change. Have you read Alan Carr? Lots of people swear by him (and he recommends you smoke while you read the book!) or you can find lots of prepare to quit articles at Also there's an amazing blog from a quitter who smoked for 40 years after being diagnosed with emphysema, it's really inspirational.

Good luck - this could change your life!


Thankyou - am fully recovered. Not only that but I am, in general, breathing better than I have in years. My smokers cough has completely disappeared. I can't describe to you the difference - I honestly didn't know how bad it was until it got better.

Have a good day!


Hi and welcome to the forum.

The health thing is part of what made me stop. Actually along the same lines as you except its my friends mum. She smokes whilst hacking her lungs up and watching her made me think I really don't want to end up like that. So I stopped. Sadly she is still smoking and has just be diagnosed with emphysema but is still puffing away. Her doctors are going to do all they can to stop her smoking but not sure what hope there is really. Surely as soon as you hear that word (emphysema) you quit??

Best advice I can give you is read read and then read some more. The tales from the quit are excellent (see the link in my signature).

Look forward to seeing you in day 1 :D



Brilliant - we'll be here!!!


We will all be here. Be as needy as you need to be, thats what the site is for.

Have a good weekend



Karri - I have to say that I have asthma and some colds would get me so bad I would feel like I'm on the way out, I'm honestly not being dramatic here. I would end up in A&E with blue-ish purple lips and grey skin and very frightened - but still smoked.

(I have young kids, I feel so ashamed at almost willingly leaving them in favour of smoking)

Since I gave up I've had two heavy colds, one with a juicy cough and recovered within a week both times and my asthma pumps are now away in the cupboard after having permanent residence on my kitchen counter. I have not used them since I quit, not once, not even during the colds.

When you think about that - what were we all waiting for??? What are you waiting for??? I, along with many others will be here waiting for you and will give you a very warm welcome :)

Think about your options, maybe see someone to have a chat and then go for it.

It is most certainly worth it.


Me too looper - with the asthma. I can't believe I kept smoking. I can't believe that even when I couldn't breathe at all without coughing and wheezing, I'd still be trying to take little puffs on a roll up. Was I insane, really?

I can't go back to that. Oh, man.


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