No Smoking Day
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The First Step

Well... I did it! :)

Booked my appointment with my Nurse, that is. ;)

It's not the first time but hopefully it's the last. It's gotta be! Fed up of the highs and lows - not just when I try to quit but even when I'm having a cigarette. Saying to myself 'why am I doing this? It could be the death of me & I've got a family now!' yet somehow I convince myself 'I'll just finish this packet & I'll quit then' but I never stick to it. It never seems to be the right time for one reason or another. The first sign of stress and I'm in the garden lighting up. It's got to stop, it's killing me - literally (perhaps).

I've tried quitting so many times.

The first when I fell pregnant but as soon as she was born I started up again. I never smoke in the house or around her (she's 2 now) but it scares me that she's more aware of what I'm doing when I'm sneaking off for a crafty fag. I don't want her to be like I was with my parents who smoked when I was a kid. 'Daddy you stink!' was the main one I used and wouldn't wana give him a hug. Look at me now! Karma I say - wana quit when she's young, hopefully she won't remember.

The most recent time I quit was when I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells after a smear. Scared the hell outta me but after getting the all clear I'm back to stage one again, which is what brings me here.....

I can see a pattern now. Each time I've tried to quit in the past, it's been a sudden decision. Although aware of the risks of smoking, I never had the time to prepare myself for what's to come.

I came across this forum today and found it really inspiring. I pray that with the support of you guys, quitting will be that little bit easier.

I currently smoke 5-8 a day so before going to the clinic in 2 weeks (earliest appointment), I'm going to cut down a bit before discussing possible NRT and definate quit date.

No doubt, I'll still get cravings just doing that so it's likely I'll be back before then. Sorry for dragging on - excuse the pun! :rolleyes: It's been very theraputic writing what must feel like my life story x

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Well done you on your decision to quit. Your at the right place, and yeah of course you'll get support from us lot. I think someone referred to us as one disfuctional family (in a good way of course).

While you are waiting to see the nurse I would recommend you read about the nicotine addcion and quitting (the link in my signature is a good place to start). Knowledge is power and all that (someone elses phrase I've coined).

I think many of us have been where you are, use whatever method suits you I was a 20-30 per day smoker and am using NRT.

The NRT will help you with the physical withdrawals but you do need to tackle the habit and physchological cravings hence why I suggested the reading.

Good luck and post often - this is the best decision you could make. FOR YOU and your family

Post often and saty focussed

Tinks xx


Hello, welcome!

This is a fantastic place to find support (I've been glued to the forum since I found it and it's saved me from cracking on more than one occasion).

I'd agree with Tinks that the time is now to start the mental preparation for quitting, since psychology is 99 percent of the quitting battle. You have to make the change in yourself, and any amount of NRT isn't going to help unless you can do that. So read, read, read!!! And keep reading whenever the going gets tough. It's something I never did on my previous quits and it's made a huge difference.

You can do this. The junkie in you will always be saying 'now isn't a good time' but once you punch your inner junkie on the nose and set out down the road, you'll be fine!

Good luck. You can make it. You just have to really want to! And judging by your post I think you really do...

Hel x


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