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Day five - weird


Well day five for me, and 2nd day without a patch and still not bothered about having one. I woke up in the night feeling a little sick and light headed. Woke up this morning with a bit of a dodgy belly, bloated and slightly constipated (sorry for the detail!!). Went to work, but came home after 20 minutes, as really didn't feel good at all. Think it is possibly symptom of quitting, but was wary of passing around a stomach bug (which isn't good in a healthcare setting!). Has anyone else experienced dodgy belly and bloatedness? Just had some effervescent health salts. Am also feeling very tired. Read somewhere about it being due to the blood sugar not being able to rely on nicotine anymore. Is this right?

Anyway, would be nice to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar.




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Tierdness can be part and parcel of it I am afraid. So can feeling lethargic, I had that really badly.

As for the tummy, as I have just said in another thread I ate a whole lorry full of sugar free mints when I stopped so had a whole host of tummy troubles :o If you are using sugar free anything that could be the problem.

Have heard that stopping can cause digestion issues though so sounds perfectly normal procedure.

Well done with your patch (or lack thereof) just remember to keep it with you just incase :D

Sian x


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