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nearly end of day 5


havent posted since my day 3 as been feeling a bit poo!

just general aches and pains and blocked nose:( feels like someones sitting on my chest and back constantly, hope this goes soon.

feeling a bit down today, just felt a bit grumpy as im keeping myself busy in the day but finding it hard to relax in the evening.

doesnt help that theres nothing on t.v lol x any ideas of things to do in the evening?

also be glad to get my energy back, havent been doing hardly anything in the house and need to lol x

on a positive note i havent given in and have now been smoke free for 5 days x

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Hope you're feeling a bit better today.

If you're bored when nothing on the telly then try taking up some sort of hobby ie jigsaws, crosswords, etc or try reading, surfing the web, get an exercise dvd........ anything but DO NOT give in.

I know eveyone says it gets easier and better but it really does, it just takes time and a bit of effort, you'll be surprised what good will come out of the time and effort you put in within the coming weeks.

Keep at it and keep your chin up.


i think its when the kids go to bed and im on my own that i find it difficult. it should be my time to relax but i seem to have more time to think.

i wont give in to having a cigarette as i can honestly say, even as bad as i have been feeling, i dont want a cigarette.

just wondered when im gonna start feeling more energetic and my chest stops hurting?

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