Congrats Everyone going into month 2 - No Smoking Day

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Congrats Everyone going into month 2


Hey everyone,

Sorry again for the lack of contact and support, silly Virgin media and thier connections lol.

Anyway, today is my month anniversary :-o so please with myself! And so proud of everyone else that is still on the strait and narrow.

I am still having a few cravings, things still peeving me off quite a bit and still eating sweets but hey, I am a non smoker and will remain so!

Thanks for your continued support everyone!

Jill xxx

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Hi Jill and well done.

My 32nd day today (1 month 1 day in real terms :rolleyes:), like you it's had it's ups and downs:( but amazingly the last 3 days have been a breeze........... but i don't want to speak to soon!!!;)

Roll on 2 months :D

Well done pete, thats great it is gradually getting easier :D Have you went a day without thinking about smoking yet?

Jill xx

Have you went a day without thinking about smoking yet?

Not quite Jill but the time lapse is getting greater.

Yeah, same here.

Yesterday I was thinking how much of an anti climax I was feeling but today I feel differently.

I think I was feeling down because my face has broken out in spots, after it really clearing up, have been moody with people and was feeling like I was taking steps back, not forward but today is def a better day.

Onwards and upwards!


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