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No Smoking Day
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a little onlooker

as i was looking through this site my 9 year old came up behind me and said what are you doing on the computer. he read the top "no smoking day" and he said to me "did you really stop smoking?" i said that i did and he seemed like he had a hard time believing me!! i promised him that i had quit and i am doing everything in my power to never pick up another cig again!! he said "ok good!" i know we should all quit for ourselves but my main reason for quitting is him..he is my only child and his dad lives in canada so how can i willingly kill myself with cigs?? i cant do it anymore..i did it for 18 years..i think this is enough!!:eek: i also did it for me cuz id like to see him grow and id like to be a grandma someday:D congrats to all of us on one month quit!! also to the newbies i know that it is really hard sometimes but if you want it you can do it and the only one stopping you is you!! continue with your efforts and you wont be sorry..i promise..:)

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what a nice post.

Yes, you are right. We have to primarily quit for ourselves. But we will all have other reasons. Mine is my daughter. Who, although I did everything I could to hide it from her knew I smoked, she didn't know what smoking was. She just knew I put white sticks in my mouth that had fire on the end. She said she wanted to do it too when she was a big girl :eek: I told her it was disgusting and that she didn't want to do it, I said that it would make her very ill. She told me 'well you should stop doing it then'. I didn't quit when she said that. I just hid it better.

A couple of months ago she months ago she mentioned smoking (in her way) again, anf I said I don't do that anymore, she said yes you do, I reassured her that no, I had stopped quite some time ago. She asked 'cause I told you to stop?' I said yes. She hasn't mentioned it since, but when she sees someone smoking she very pointedly say eurgh that stinks :D



Lovely post im a quitter :D

Gaynor xx


Hiya, im a quitter.

My kids didn't believe me for ages and it used to get right up my nose untill one day I lost it when I heard my oh ask the kids where I was and one replied 'Outside having a cigarette'.

I flew in there and put them straight on that :D

Like you, my fear of leaving them early keeps me going. I love them and don't want to risk missing anything.

You have a very good reason for carrying on. You quit for you, you keep going for him xx


lol levs-we are the biggest example to our children,arent we??////thanks gaynor:)///exactly looper...dont want to leave my little one!!


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