No Smoking Day
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a little light hearted

so here i am a month in a place i never ever imagined i could get

the voices in my head only whisper at me now, where as they used to shout all day long

you had mr nicotine saying u want me u junkie u need me

and then mr cigarette saying u love me u want me u need me

and then mr smoke saying i smell so nice wen u see someone else smoking

and then mr habit saying u cant change

and then there was old me in there having a shout to, your stressed u need one, your happy u need one, your sad u need one, u did the washing up u deserve one, your not u if you dont have one

and now theres new me shouting F*** OFF u bunch of whinging good for nothing desparate wasters

mr nicotine i dont need u

mr cigarette i dont love u

mr smoke u smell worse by the day

mr habit i can change and i have

i have spent enough of my life bending over backwards for u, slowly poisoning myself so now i am not listening to u anymore and one day soon i wont hear u in my head at all.

hope u all enjoyed the journey inside my head lol i thought of it on my 5 mile walk today which i can do without wheezing or coughing by the way haha

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Love it. Brilliant. Really. May print it out and staple it to my forehead.



lol i do alot of thinking wen i walk to much maybe


i love it as well!! that says it all! will look to that when i need a mental boost or when mr nic is knocking at my door..thanks so much for that!!


thats ok i will try think of some other usefull stuff on my next walk


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