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Still cooking on gas

Good Afternoonfellow quitters,

How is everyone doing on the start of the new week .

Did anybody do anything interesting over the weekend ???

Just checking in really . nothing new to report. Still do not want a cigareete , don’t even think about it .

Coming up to the part where a failed last time , determiting to get past that mark .

Feels like ages since I quit but in realitry it has only been around 4/5 months.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy

Gaz x

Quit since 10-10-2010

Times without smoking 16 weeks 15 hours

Amount not smoked 2252 cigs

Total saved £658.89


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Well done Gaz, you certainly have a very strong quit going on there. Keep vigilant and I'm sure you'll be just fine ;) good to see you around



Yup, love the attitude :)


Hey Gary,

Long time no see. Glad to see you are still going strong.

At the weekend I got up to doing my daughters 5th birthday party with 20 screaming kids and a bouncy castle, which did make me think of smoking at the end when they had all left and I thought god I could do with a smoke.

Wouldn't worry too much about coming up to the part where you failed last time. You know this time why you failed last time and won't make the same mistake twice. I am now well and truely into the furthest I have ever quit and couldn't be happier if I tried.

Keep well and let us know how you are getting on.



Well Done Gary :)

Evening my Oct 2010 Group Bud, how pleased am i that your doing so well. Its nice to see that so many of Group Members are doing so well. We are all at that end of 3rd month and into the 4th month stage.

As Levs has said too you wont be making the same mistake again this time around as you have learnt from the previous quit and this time your going to make it through no problems. I am also way, way further into my quit than the 2 times i tried before, first time 4-5 weeks second time 3-4 weeks, now im 14 weeks quit and i know i wont be going back and neither will you.

Anyhow my dear friend, keep up the good work. Heres to another milestone for us all. Mine is 100 days tomorrow.





what dies " Bumped!!!! " mean ??


it means a stinking spammer was at it last night and your post got buried so dave bumped it to the top of the board to bury the spam :D


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