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Well bugger me,,,


Thats right fallen angel had a craving lol. What am i now?? .....almost 11 months quit and i get an out of the blue craving.... how BIZZARE!!!

I am totally shocked because anyone on here who knows me will know that i have a very healthy strong quit on the go and i haven't suffered with cravings.... I DO NOT miss smoking one bit, i can be around it no problem, i really am over it in everyway possible, i love my new lungs, my running, my smoke free car, house etc i'll never smoke again in my life so how strange!?!!

I was at home, feeling a bit blue (love life possibly :o ) and i put an imaginary roll up in my hand and pretended to take a drag!! what the???? I think for a moment there i was just remembering the peace smoking used to bring me when i was deep in thought or feeling a bit down. Well i knocked that idea on the head straight away!! and no the thought has not returned, just thought i'd share with you all.

Keep going everyone your all doing fab. FA xx

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Them cravings are little buggers arnt they!!

Just shows how you have to be on guard for a long time.

Glad yours passed and well done 11 months is fantastic. :D


LOL, I suppose one out of the blue isn't so bad to handle and wow well done on 11 months hunni!!! I hope I am posting that in 10+ months hahahaha

Shaz x


that mustave hit you like a 5 tonne lorry! Lovely to see that you came to your senses and it doesn't seem to have affected your resolve at all.

Congrats on 11+ Months :)


It just goes to show what an awful addiction it is. Just how and why did we love something so much that is so bad for you and not even that enjoyable?

State of mind is the key in my opinion, i know that when i'm mentally fit all is well in life even when things aren't so well if that makes sense. The reality of ever going b ack to smoking is just rediculous, the thought of going through cold turkey again NO way HOzay.


I had a bit of a crave at around the eleven months mark, I put it down to worrying and being scared of whether I would manage to get to the major milestone of 12 months without smoking, as you can see I did and how glad am I that I didn't crash and burn literally, one more little jump and then you will be there and I am not lying when I say that it gets even easier, the only time I remember I was a smoker is when I see someone else spark up and even then its not every time, and when I come on here.

You will be sitting up here at the bar beside me very soon, you take care and keep smelling sweet x


Hehe thhanks Jam :D glad your still around. Getting even easier just sounds puuuuuurrrrrrfect and i smell lovely by the way.




Well done fallen angel pal! :)


Thanks BigAl :D Doesn't time fly when your having fun, wooOOoohoo 11 months in 3 days!


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