No Smoking Day
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1 month today!

Made it to 1 month cold turkey. Had many lows but seem to be doing ok now. Still have a feeling that something is missing and not quite right but I can deal with that. Have been out a few times, had some stressful times at work and i have not crumbled so very proud of myself!

My teeth are white, my skin is clear and hangovers are not half as bad.

Hope everyone is coping well and seeing as many benefits as I am


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Well done you :D amazing how quickly you notice & feel the difference.

My month on Tuesday. :p



Thanks Gaynor.

Congrats for Tuesday for the first month. I wonder how we are going to feel in the 2nd Month!


Yeah ive noticed the benefits too and are also looking forward to month 2.

Congrats to us all.




hope all my fellow new years quitters quits are getting easier! 30 days for me today and i cant believe it!! feeling all the great things there are to feel being a non smoker!! congrats to all on their soon to be month....month 2 here we come!!


:D brilliant well done to you all you all have a pat on the back from me! Just going into my 4th week now not feeling too great today though, bit coldyfied but it makes me want to smoke even less feeling like this so bring it on :) Cant say I've really felt any benefits yet but I live in hope!! Oh yes apart from I can smell things better now :) xxxxxx


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