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one month tomorrow, and still totally smoke free

It feels so good to have broken the back of this quit... My last fag was on the 31st Dec at 11.50pm. there have been times where I thought I couldn't do it, but have pushed through. I now feel that if I did smoke EVER again, I would be a mug. I feel so much better in every way, I wish I had not started again during my last quit, but I have learnt my lesson, finally! Oh, and this time I have actually lost weight, I have been doing weight watchers and gentle exercise and have gotten rid of half a stone so far.:D

well done to all the New Years Quitters, and the other recent ones... hope you are all seeing the benefits as much as I am.


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Well done vicki,

You sound great & so positive. I am sure it will make those who have not long quit & may be strugling a little, that you can feel brilliant, like you in such a short space of time :D

Gaynor xx


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