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look at us dealing with life and be proud

i had another hard day out of the blue, but it was harder on the phone the bad news came through - it will no longer transmit bad news :rolleyes:

i've calmed down now and, like others before me on this forum (yes, you know who you are!) i feel a little embarrassed :o

so, i came to the forum to unburdon a bit and find strength, but reading the most recent posts i saw a lot of people were struggling, without exception for very good reasons, and of course i saw even more people being brilliant and supportive as usual, with good advice and strategies and giving of themselves to help others through and towards freedom from smoking.

and i thought, look at us dealing with life! and it made me kind of proud. proud of you lot, and proud of myself.

and i'm not even thinking about smoking, it'd have to get a whole lot harder yet and then some,

best wishes to you all, see you in the penthouse,

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Hey Smoker!

Just left a message in the group page and am about to do a roll call in this thread!

I had a really bad day yesterday and fancied a ciggie for the first time in ages!! Blinkin' nicodemon thinking he can get 1 up on us- not a chance!!!


5mo<er, with you all the way.:)

I had a major moment :o and the support I got was stellar.

I see at the moment it seems to be a time where a lot of us are struggling all at once, but we are all still going, as you say. Still plodding on, despite it all.

I would never have come this far without the forum, without all of you. Life is happening, it's pretty crap sometimes, but we are all still on here. Still posting, still quit. It's quite amazing...

It is something to be proud of isn't it?


Hope you're feeling better today (not like that phone I'm sure!)

Just have to say that I love the confidence in the 'and then some' sentence, makes me feel super strong as well :)



hi sofia, yes, feeling a little better and stronger each day thanks, the phone (remains of :) ) is now an ornament on my wall to remind me of the strength of my addiction.

looper thanks for that, yes the support is quite amazing, and claire thanks for being that support!


well done for getting through the bad day and glad you are feeling better. I still get those days from time to time ,and i come on here and read post after post . ty all for posting :) xx


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