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2 more days and on week 3

Well i went to my no smoking advisor and to be honest there was a new one there today and she was useless.

She lost the machine to test me and asked if i was ok to leave it and just give me the patches.

I was adament and said i want the test done just to prove to them and partly to myself that i have not smoked.

Well she found it and reading was 1 so was very pleased.

Been thinking about cigs a few times today but overcome the urges and had a drink instead can only drink water and diet coke as anything else reminds me of having a cig.....

Well off to work so looking forward to getting into week 3...

Good luck to you all xxxx

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Well done to you Emma,

Quite why these people are called advisors is beyond me, they really just dole out NRT & check our CO2 levels don't they. Practical advice is few & far between & just the standard that as serial quiters we all know already lol. Think we should give them the links to the sites that so many of us use here :rolleyes:

Anyway, I degress! Have a fantastic smoke free weekend & bring on week 3 :D

Gaynor xx


Ciao Emma, sounds good. Tomorrow morning will be 2 weeks for me. It's feeling good, I guess better everyday. Coughing going, chest feels clearer, lots of other good stuff, but above all, I'm feeling proud of myself. And I haven't felt that way for a long time. The worst part is insomnia but I'll get over it. But will I ever start again, and have to repeat this last 2 weeks? No way. Good luck, Jeremy


Emma, ***congratulations**** on getting this far, you've done fabulously well. Keep going, it gets better and better.

h x


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