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day 2


Omg thanks god its day 2 - yesterday I had the day from hell, it was horrible, I aint going through that again. Today I feel much better, good nights sleep, minitab in my mouth, coffee at my side.

Today is gonna be awesome :) I put a fiver in a jar and will do the same 2day and I'm so glad that its not going on those nasty things.

Remember guys that yes u r gonna crave like mad and have day from hell - but just remember wot those things did to u. Please dont laugh at this but, the other day I was have a fag in my car - went 2 throw it out the window, forgot the window was closed, fag down my back, burn mark on my back and clothes ruined. Thats what they do 2 u!!!! A fiver a day and u get that in return, its just not worth it!

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Well done getting through day one Phillip, thats the very first milestone:D

I've done similar when i used to smoke in the car, thrown it out and it's blown back in onto the back seat and burnt a hole in it :(

Stopped smoking in the car a few years ago so as i don't set fire to the car and/or myself:rolleyes:


Hi Philip

Great job on getting to day 2.

I am not laughing (much), but I have done that a few times, boy does it make you curse or what?:mad:

Hello Phillip & welcome to day two :) sorry but I sniggered a little however that is only because I know how you felt!

Keep on going and keep up with the money in a jar! just think of all the lovely gifts you can buy us ion a month or two :rolleyes::p

Shaz x

Best wishes for this one Phillip, I remember your posts when I first came on here. You definitely know the roaps, read, read and then read some more.


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