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living hell

Hi guys,

I'm sure many of you know me - many attempts to quite, but this time I have joined a support group which is really helping.

Today was my first day and to be honest, it was hell on earth - i was constantly craving despite have a patch on.

I snapped at people, was driving in the car and got mental road rage.

All my thoughts r in my no smoking journal and I am feeling much calmer tonight. Think I might treat myself to a bath - I deserve it considering the day I have had lol

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Hiya Philip

Well you've done your first day, and you've got through it. As you've been here before you know the next few days will be crap probably. But you'll get through it, and there will be plently of people here to support you. I'm sure there's room for one more in the January quitters club, and I know theyll be happy to have you. All the best on your journey to becoming smoke free xx


Yep, what Rachel said! Welcome, welcome. Pull up a chair, we won't mind if you vent at us!

Well done on your first day and good luck xx


my first few days were awful even with the patch on, i even thought i had got a duff pack of patches from the chemist but it does get better i swear if i look back at my first week untill now [27 days] the improvement is massive, it is small steps that eventually add up to big long steps

post on here just let it all out how u feel, i have many a time and it makes u feel better just getting it out of your head and wen u get the replies and people here know how u feel and support u that gives u a major boost too

well done


My main problem in the initial few days was remembering I had bliddy well quit in the first place! I kept getting the 'Oh no, I've quit' feeling over and over again as i forgot and then remembered over and over again.

That does get better though.

BTW, Hello :)


Hi guys,

Thanks for all your messages! In 20mins I will be on day 2 :)

Looper, if I had a pound for everything I that 'oh no iv quit' feeling, I wud be a millionaire, I'm not kiddin!

But it's all worth it, Im just soooo looking forward to saturday coz we get 2 8week old kittens, a boy and a girl (bro and sis) - they r tiny, cant wait 2 get them!

Bring on day 2!!


They'll keep you busy :D

Well done - day two just round the corner....just've nearly made it.....


woopdidoo - day2 :D


Happy Day 2 Phillip :)

I am currently on my 5th day and today is a struggle for me, we all have good days & bad days however frothe bad days we hve friends/family & the wonderful people on this forum to push us through.

Just focus on the postitve reason for why you are quitting and you will get through it

Shaz x


Well done

Getting through day 1, that is by far the hardest day. I think if you can get through day 1 then you can get through day 2, and if you can get through day 2 then....well you get the idea. But just concentrate on not smoking now, forget about later today, or tomorrow or next week - they'll take care of themselves.

Well done. and good luck.


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