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Fags vs Me !

Well it will be 5 months this coming Sunday night :D

Although I don't get many cravings these days, when they do come, it's with a damn vengeance! Yesterday was particularly bad and this morning it feels like it was only yesterday that I gave up... :confused: WTF

I'm not going to start again but it's damn depressing non the less (I don't even FEEL any healthier!)

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Noooooo, you should be telling all us new quitters that it gets better and better :eek:

I've read on here many times that naughty Nic jumps up and surprises us when we're off guard hence we have to always be on our guard whether it be 5 months or 5 years etc so can only assume Nic decided to give you a fright;)


hi RDN, hope you're quickly past these cravings - i guess we all go through the rough patches sooner or later, though you have had a remarkably positive quit and a good quit attitude.

can you figure out what set off the crave?


Yeah I've gad a pretty good quit overall with relatively few cravings. Some people have had it a lot harder.

Not sure what sets off a craving... Probably stress :-D


stress is always a trigger for sucks...but so far i have made it through but hasnt been easy///you have come so far...take it easy!!


It is stress with me to that sets my craves off ,even after 130 days . But on a lighter note they are nothing like at the begining of the quit.


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