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No Smoking Day
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Loads of reasons!

It recently occurred to me that i've never really had a full wage packet to myself. I've always ended up handing over a few hundred to random shopkeepers to keep myself stocked up with cigarettes.

I started thinking, how many times have i done without things i really wanted, not gone on holiday, stayed in at weekends because i "can't afford it"?

Yet i never did without smoking. I'd take £100 out of the bank & wonder where it had all gone a week later!

All those years, all of the experiences & fun i could have had, i've put aside so i could blast away 20 smokes a day, & what do i have to show for it? Shortness of breath, a sore throat & an increased risk of life threatening disease. Excellent.

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You're not alone. Quite a few of us on here are wandering around in a kind of daze muttering 'what the hell was I thinking?'


If you actually stop & think about it, it's madness. I wish i could go back & have a quiet word with myself!


LOL hellsbelles... that DOES pretty much describe the first few weeks of my quit!

the more info I read about what I was PAYING for (a horrible life and painful death) the more I just thought that ppl have to be told about it! surely, someone's realised how smoking is just such a big con! ...looking around at the amount of smokers there r in the world I don't think most ppl have realised the destructiveness of it all yet...


Hello MrE :D

Just remember if ever you get like you are going to cave in and smoke, come back and read you post, you will soon change your mind.

Stay strong

Snowie xx


Keep at it stevie. You'll soon realise that you're actually missing out on nothing & gaining so much in the process. In the long run you'll be a hell of a lot happier & healthier.


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