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moment of weakness

well i just proved something to myself - in a moment of weakness i popped one in my mouth and lit it - all of a sudden I had a flashback to when I first started smoking 19 years ago - the taste was horrible and I threw it on the ground and stamped it out and ripped the packet up and threw them and the lighter in the bin!!

don't feel terrible about it!! just want to get on with my quit, will never forget that moment and every time i am tempted again I will remember that moment and it will keep me on the straight and narrow!!

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Maybe a moment of weakness, but massive handshake for not giving in completely and smoking the whole cig. Sure you would've enjoyed it, i'm sure all of us would, but we all know it's so not worth it.

That's strength for you - taking it out of your gob when its lit and not carrying on smoking! Well done :)

Just shows though, we can never let our guard down. Grrrrr!!!!


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