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I could so Easily Smoke Right Now

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Found probaly my stongest trigger. My 2.5 year old son throwing up since last sunday. So not good at dealing with sick, and what do you do to get rid of the smell and foul taste you have breathed in? You smoke, or at least I used to. It would be so easy to go outside and smoke now. Not even craving it (in the true sense of the word) just feel it would help deal with being thrown up all over. Twice !!

I'm not going to smoke but god not sure what my new coping mechanism can be.

Sory for waffling just needed to put it somewhere to try and, eurgh, no not even possible to forget yet lol


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Sorry your little one is poorly Levs.

I am not sure that smoking is better than sick to be honest, both taste & smell foul :eek:

Go brush your teeth & spary the air freshner & perfume round. Infact douse yourself in perfume & remember that is all you will smell of from now on (apart from the odd bit of vomit).

I could easily have smoked today so glasd my resolve is till strong if not a little wobbly, but only a little.

Hope little one is better soon.

Gaynor xx

Hi, sorry to hear the little one is ill, I can completely understand where you are coming from. As you well know, if you had a fag then all that would happen is you would have a sick child and be a smoker again. Next time there is vomit related incident just imagine what you are going to do with all that money you are saving, no food for the child and no fags for you :eek:

Stay strong,

Hi Gaynor, so you had a little wobble but got through it, well done. The road to the Penthouse is full (well it was for me) of wobbles the more you go through the stronger you become. Glad to hear you got through it.

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