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Day 6

Hi All

Well six days in half an hour, not many problems today apart from a few thoughts it was actually more to do with habit i have a cig after doing a few things like dinner after coffee, when i do this and that etc , time will hopefully get rid of these habits hopefully, well only one patch left but plenty of inhalor tubes get my second lot of patches wed afternoon to be quite honest im surprised ive lasted this long thanks to everyone who posts as i enjoy reading them and they keep me going :)

all the best


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well done for resisting.. I am just on day 6 now and am so close to just picking up a cigarette and smoking it!! But will try and resist.

Will check how you are doing later on today :)


Bigrabbie - Or to put it another way - in half an hour only 1 more day until you've done a whole week!

I'm only day 2 now - almost wishing time away so i can say i've got a week under my belt :o

I get the "habit cravings" too - think they are nicer than what i've heard of the physical cravings...we are lucky in that way

Glass - Dont do it - you'll be so sorry after. Wouldnt it be much nicer to come back later and post "Yea - i resisited!" - than have to go back to day 1? You can do it - stay strong - remember you chose to do this because you DIDNT want to smoke - smoking now wouldnt make any sense. Am sending you good "no smoking" vibes:)


Well done on getting this far, you are nearly over the worst of the cravings, so pat on the back for you guys :D

Glass, I had that feeling a lot too, so do most others, but that feeling that only an ex smoker can get, that you feel like you have climbed mount everest by not smoking a ciggie is so satisfying, that feeling is keeping me going.

Remember guys, don't be tempted by "just one", for any reason, its not worth it, sets you back ,you beat yourself up and will have went through the hardest bit for nothing.

Keep the positive minds and good work.

Jill xxx


hang on there Glass if i can do it so can you :)


well done Lulabelle 2 days great stuff



i hear you on those certain times when a smoke always creeps into your mind. i ALWAYS had one right after dinner and so enjoyed it. so from now on after dinner i get on here and read everyones post as i am doing now since it is dinner time where i am! it is really helpful!! tomorrow is day 20 for me and as much as i want a smoke sometimes i always remember why i quit and how hard it was to get to 3 weeks and how much i never want to go through week 1 again!! so keep strong everyone, especially those one can do it and your so worth it:D:D:D


thats what keeps me going is not wanting to go back to that hell in the first week i am making big big improvements on day 19 ha 20 now past midnight the eating one was a big issue for me to in the first 9 days ish i hardlly ate that week lost half a stone in nine days through near starvation all i could eat was cereals with cold milk it was the only thing that didnt give me that after meal cigarette feeling am coping alot better with mealtime cravings now feeling passes alot quicker and if i have a bad day go back to the cereals and cold milk


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