No Smoking Day
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I was just on my way to have my "last fag and cup of tea " before bed and thought nah......why bother.

I have smoked for 28years the older i get the more i smoke. Having recently moved back to the UK i always thought i'd have to give up but i actually want to give up, never thought i'd hear myself saying that!

So here goes......might aswell do it now as in the morning ( which might not sound like a biggie) but i could probably have another 4 fags yet before i get to bed.

I am looking forward to being able to read in bed , i usually don't cos i like to smoke fags and drink coffee at the same time, having clean smelling hair, my son will be so proud, my mother absolutely delighted, i won't be cold , won't waste so much time, my car won't smell like a manky old ashtray, my clothes won't smell and i won't have to spray perfume every time i had a smoke at work, hopefully my wrinkles won't get too much worse and of course...i'll have so much more money.

On that note, good night and i'll see you all tomorrow oh and of husband might want to join in !!

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well done and welcome a good positive start use this forum in the good times and bad it has got me this far, 18 days. everyone here knows how u feel


Wow Wibbly. Just like that? Guess this may have been simmering in you for a whiler. See you tomorrow:eek:


Nooooo......sorry if i mislead you , i'm on champix. third and only time they seem to be working tho but in my world, it's still all good .

And i although i'm not in bed yet i still haven't had a cup of tea and a fag !!


Welcome to the forum Wibbly.

This is a great place to get you through the highs and lows. And you'll have both!! Be positive, you can absolutely do this, and there's so much to look forward to...



Welcome and well done on becoming smoke free.

Wish you lots of luck and we are all here to help and support you.

Best thing I have ever done in my whole life is give up this stupid smoking malarky. Im 73 days in now and £400 better off and best of all not had to use my inhaler once :D


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