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No Smoking Day
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Day 15 and keep dreaming about smoking!!

Well, I've lasted this far. First 2 weeks have been surprisingly easy (with help of patches) and not much in the way of cravings.

For the last couple of days though I seem to be dreaming about smoking every morning before I wake up, and then of course it's what I am thinking about when I do wake up. Over the next 3 weeks I am working away from home a lot (doing my usual Alan Partridge stint of being alone in Premier Inn's every night as I travel on business). Going to stick with the patches but the thought keeps going through my head that maybe I could just have one every night whilst I'm away and no one would know. Except I would know, and I know from past experience that one always leads to more and them I'm hooked again!

Going to be a tough few weeks I think, but perhaps a good test. If I can get through the next few weeks then maybe I can get through the rest of my life without the evil weed.

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I dreamt of smoking too, I felt satisfied when i woke up though, which made me feel really guilty lol :-/ almost like I had been smoking. Same sort of feeling as if someone was dream cheating on you.

Anyway, being away on business doens't make it ok to smoke, you have said it yourself. Try and keep yourself busy in your hotel room, bring a book or magazines, smoking will not cure the boredom or the missing home or stress of being busy or whatever you would experience while away so don't try and solve them with smoking, you didn't come this far to quit now.

You are doing so so so so well so keep it up.

I am a fan of tough love today lol, apologies if I sound short, I don't mean it.

Have a great day!

Jill xxxx



Tough love is what I need I think so thanks for the support. Would be so disapointed with myself if I did cave in and I know that so it's mad that I even have these thoughts going through my head.

Always take a book with me so will aim to be occupied and/or just go for a walk if I do get a craving. If worst comes to worst I may even double patch myself for an hour or two (which will probably make me feel pukey and defo put me off sticking anything that is on fire into my mouth!).

In past quitting attempts I have been quite devious in hiding my starting to smoke again habit from my other half, but she's been very supportive so am keeping her updated on my cravings this time. Think a call home may help if it does get tough on an evening.


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