No Smoking Day
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My reasons

I'm a week in, and although I feel really good and know that I can never have 'just one' again I think I'll write down now reasons why I should never have another cigarette.

1. I stopped for almost 4 years, had just one and 6 months later was back to smoking a pack a day. It's taken me 8 years to stop again No such thing as just one!!!

2. Wheezing and crackling in my chest used to terrify me. Lying in bed listening to it was awful.

3. The cough after a cold.

4. Feeling like a weak willed addict

5. Always having to plan ahead about how you could get a smoke.

6. Constantly checking pockets, bag to make sure I had remembered my cigs, lighter etc.

7. Standing the in the cold, rain, snow and ice...

8. Supporting a low self esteem. Lookn at me, I even smoke...

9. Dreading long flights

10. Staying in hotels and having to get up in the morning to go out for a smoke.

11. Filthy, stinking, dirty car that I was always so embarrassed to let anyone see...and its such a lovely car.

12. Burns on nice clothes.

13. Always having to remember to make sure I had enough cigarettes.

14. The feeling of panic when I realised I was nearly out of cigarettes.

15. Stinking of smoke

16. Nicotine stains on my fingers (hey they're gone :-) )

17. Being able to tell my ex-wife, if I ever meet her - hey I quit

18. Hopefully starting to reduce the risk of a terrible disease#

19. Interrupting chats, drinks, meals, meetings everything to go and have a smoke

20. Making jokes about not wanting to stop when you really do want to.

But finally... never wanting to have to go through the first day of quitting ever again.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

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Sorry, it appears that i just wrote a list then someone else upped it. Now that is just exactly me. It goes to prove you are not on your own. Now thats what i call a good authentic post. And good luck for a non smoking healthy future.


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