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I feel Sick

bluh, its horrid. My next delivery man smokes and I have been aware that my parcels stink of smoke before but todays one is really bad. My DH didn't like the boots he ordered so I picked up the bag they came in and opened it up and droped the box in. Well when I dropped the box in, the most foul stentch of stale rancid rottern disgusting smoke blasted me in the face and I actually gagged. I am having a smell back as we speak and it still makes me gag.

I don't know what to do as this man is just trying to earn a living but all my stuff is turning up stinking of smoke and I know a few months ago I smoked but I can't take the stink of it on all my new bits.

Oh well, suppose i'll just have to remember not to breathe in next time lol

Sorry for ranting but it was just awful. :(


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Hi Sian,

Firstly I would make a complaint aas having brand new items delivered stinking of fags which be bad if you are a smoker or not :eek:

Secondly, enjoy the fact it makes you feel ill & remember that should you ever get the urge :D

PS It is foul I agree & we used to walk round smelling like that, ewwwwwwww.

Gaynor xx


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