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'D' Day Tomorrow!


Hi everyone!

My quit starts tomorrow and I'm determined to do it this time. I quit for three months last year and a weekend away put me back on the cigs (the usual, a few won't hurt me) but they did and by about a fortnight after that I was back on them again. To think I would've been coming up to a year soon makes me want to cry :(

Even though I never posted, this forum helped me a lot last year and I'm hoping it'll be the same with this quit (my final one)!

Good luck to everyone else in the same boat :):):)

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Go Girl, we're all behind you, you can do it :D

Congrats on your decision to quit again Blondie :D. This forum is fab, keep posting. There are loads of people on here who will help you when you're down and pat you on the back when you're doing great.

Hi & welcome Blondie,

Good for you for giving this another go. We are all here willing you on :D

Gaynor xx

hi and welcome to this awesome forum well done on giving up the nicorette demon he is very sneaky and will try any way to get you hooked again so stay strong if not come on here and read read read and post post post there is always some one around to help with the good and bad times which is an added bonus plus everyone that is on this site knows exactly what your going through

regards Carol

Thanks everyone!

Well here I am at day one with cold turkey ahead of me :(

However I do know that each day gets easier and easier so I'll hold on to that thought :)

That's the spirit!!! Good luck with the first day x

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