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No Smoking Day
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day 9 and the new found energy is kicking in

I was wondering who else has got the energy buzz... I have been for two 30 minute walks and played the wii fit today, and I have the urge to play on it again because there's nothing on tele... while I was smoking I had zero energy, and everything was a chore, even the 5 minute walk to the shop... Now I am planning to walk to the tesco express which is a mile away instead of getting the bus, and joining the gym at the local leisure centre.

Oh, and my house smells so nice now... not a hint of the stale fag smell!

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nice one :D shame you cant bottle the energy and sell it :p


Fantastic- this all seems to have kicked in quickly for you. Sometimes when Ive stopped Ive had the redecorate the whole house and take up hobbies energy, and sometimes I 've been quite sleepy. I am quite sleepy this time- prefer the energy ones, but I dol like that generally I go to bed and fall asleep.

What is really good is that you are so positive and enjoying your new life- and it is a new life. It is lovely to think of you bounding along to Tesco's!


Well done vicki on reaching day 9 and being full of energy all the best for the rest of your journey



good for you!! i also have more energy and a much better feeling inside now that iv quit :D almost at 10 days here! congrats and keep it up!!


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