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Day 9 and still doing ok

Hi all, well got to day 9, not saying that I am in great form but I am getting better.

I feel like my brain is having a bit of a battle, one part is saying you can do it, and another part is saying you know you don't want to, just have one and you will feel normal again..Sometimes I think I am going mad. But I am not going to be beat and I know it will stop, I remember being like this for the first two weeks or so last time I quit.

Anyway Starting tomorrow I am going on a healthy diet, no more chocs from Chrismas etc.

Going to go for long walks with the dog and I am going to try and think more positive and not get stressed over nothing.

Unward and upward from now. Joan xx

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Well done Joan 9 Days is an excellent place to be, doesn’t it means that you are now nicco free, I personally think that you are nicco free within hours otherwise why do they say you need a cig to top up if the nicco stays in your system that long you would only need to smoke one or two cigs a day.

I am now just starting to except that I am a none smoker and I hope I will always be, but it wasn’t easy getting to this point, so keep using the forum and I am positive this time you will make it and never smoke again.

As you say on wards and upwards, as for the sweets etc if they keep you from smoking as they did me don’t worry about it the weight will soon come off after the year mark, my eating habits are now back to normal except for the Christmas thing and the weight has gone down bit by bit so I am happy now or happyish LOL


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