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Well I am here now


been quite a while since I posted on here. Had a very stressful year but now have felt free enough to make an attempt to stop. I am now doing very well following a process promoted by an excellent book. I will not mention the name of the book because I was "wrongly" accused of spamming for mentioning it a few times-lol . When you are suffering from COPD and you find a way that is helping -you do want folk to know and you do feel good.

I hope I will be better treated here . If I would have been more vulnerable I could have lost my quit due to such ill treatment.


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Hi Stu well done on giving up smoking people have mentioned all different types of help which have helped them to give up with there quit glad to hear you have found something that helps with yours :)

regards Carol


Hi Stu,

I dopnt know you. Sorry that you had a difficult time on the forum. I wonder how long you have been stopped.


Hi smokefreewannabe- I have mailed you with book title


thanks for the welcome guys

really am off the fags at the mo. Feel the physical but head aint saying "have one"


Hi Stu,

I'm not off the smokes yet however only a week till I start my course of Champix :)

I have found that the people on this site are really nice and friendly so you don't have to look far for support when you need it :)

Keep on updating on here so we can all see how fantastic you're doing and support you all the way

Shashwoo x


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