No Smoking Day
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Day 7 coming up!

Good evening! Great to have found this site with so many others out there, makes the struggle a little more bearable.

Decided to go cold turkey on New Years Day, tried a couple times half heartedly last year but the half arsed effort meant I was always prone to relapsing. Taking it a lot more seriously this time and it's going well.

At times the cravings become unbearable but it's an angel and devil on your shoulder situation, even when the thought of nipping down the shops to get some cigarettes pops into my mind it's always beaten back.

Listening to Muse at an extremely loud volume seems to help aswell :D

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Well done you! That's one hell of an achievement!

I'm at the end of day 3, and glad to hear others say it gets easier.

Stay strong, and keep blasting the tunes. Muse are awesome :)


Well done & welcome Chezwfc,

Keep strong, post & read! There will always be someone here to listen & help.

Gaynor x


Thanks :)

Good luck to everyone else, still going strong.


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