No Smoking Day
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Day 4 just started!

Not bad this morning, though still not getting any kick from the patches like i have before when ive tried. Theyve always gone on and within 30mins theyre a bit 'sharp' or itchy, but not getting that - and theyre 25mg patches!

Had 1 spray from the nicorette spray, and just sitting with me coffee ready for work. Before i know it, it'll be a week.... so far so good.

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Well done on your quit so far day 4 is great, Almost half way though the first week then you should find things a little easier. Dont worry to much about the patches diffrent makes can give diffrent reactions.xxxxxx


Hi Toto,

Glad you are doing ok & that the patches are behaing themselves. I know I have had to rip them off in the past as the itching became unbearable.

Keep at it, like you say we are half way through the first week now, whoop whoop :D

Gaynor x


Well done, I too am on day 4 and know how hard it is but stay positive, you seem to be coping with things great!


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