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No Smoking Day
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my first post and its day 3

I was recommended here by someone from netmums who suggested that I subscribe.. I have pleurisy and can barely breathe so took the opportunity to pack in the fags.. My son thinks I quit years ago as I never smoked in front of him him but I know my health is suffering now. Its day three almost day 4 and although I can barely breathe which makes it easier I feel like I have lost a long standing friend... does that sound wierd? I hope you can all help me on my quit journey xxx

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Hi Nikki, welcome to the site. I wrote a reply on the other thread you posted on and am lazy enough to just copy and paste it here lol

Hi Nikki,

Sorry that you are not well. Pleurisy is not nice but a great incentive to not smoke.

Yes, you will feel like you are missing something. Some 'perceived' comfort that is not there now. It does pass and you will get to a point that smoking is not the only thing you think about.

You don't really get any comfort from the actual act of smoking but from the routine of it, the normality it gives. It will also become normal to not smoke and you will find other ways to comfort yourself.

I hope you get well soon and when you do that you decide to continue not to smoke. I am so very happy to be a non smoker and I am sure you will be to.

You will find some great support on this site. Its a bit quiet at the moment cos of the holidays but imagine it will be full of action from saturday.



Hi Niki and welcome.

I so know what you mean. Cigarettes were my best friend too and I missed them and mourned. But it doesnt need too much distance before you start to see that this was an abusive relationship- it sucks up your health, money and joy and worst of all it comes between you and your real loved ones- you lied to your son, perhaps sometimes you pushed him away because you were frightened he would smell your secret friend?

I have done a lot of secret smoking in my time and I think its very tricky- it makes every cigarette even more precious and it also means that if it is possible to smoke, thats what I did, rather than meeting friends or taking the dogs out, or anything . I thought of very little else. I am still close enough to smoking to remember the machinations and shame that went in to my smoking, and I get a little buzz from little things- like today I was holding my kitten for the vet- 7weeks ago I would definitely have just had a cigarette in the car and felt embarrassed that she could smell it.

feel pleased - freedom beckons, it is a wonderful world!;)


Nikki, I suggestr you read the post called the Nicodemon by cavalier- Theres a woman featured who I think you know.


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