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1 year


The 20th Dec. was my 1 year anniversary of quitting. I stopped cold turkey, from 2 packs a day since I was a teenager and was a total addict! It controlled every moment of my life.

So today, on my Quit Counter it says.....

I am 1 year and 8 days and 23 hrs and 25 seconds as a non smoker!

I have not smoked 14959 cigs, which has saved me $6456.34 !!

I have saved 51 days 22 hours and 35 min of my life!

How is that for pretty darn good!

I can also say that I never think of smoking unless there is some sort of nerve jarring event. Even then it it just a reflex. I do not crave them at all any more, nor do I ever feel like I want to smoke. I can sit next to smokers and it does not make me want to smoke.

I can honestly say that everything is nicer as a non smoker, food tastes better, the air smells better, everything is cleaner such as the car and the house. There is no way I will ever smoke again. It is like being free for the first time in my life, free of those dam smokes that ruled my life. I am FREE!

Best of luck to all those quitting!

Remember that you can do it!!

Take it one moment at a time!!!

Before you know it, you will be 1 year quite too!!!!!

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Congratulations on your +1 year quit. Your stats look pretty impressive. Nice to hear that it all gets better. Well done you xx

Sorry missed your Day

Hi Ya


Nice to see another December Quitter manage the year milestone, bet you are realy enjoying the Sunshine and warmth, send some over here Please Pretty Please LOL

Congrats, Downunder...a new lease to life :)

Isn't it just grand when the realisation kicks in that one is actually free from that obnoxious slavery :cool:

Thanks everyone!

Congratulations to each of you on your personal achievement to stop smoking too!

I think there is something a bit magical about the 1 year mark, makes it seem real to say 'Yes I did it, I stop smoking!' There is no better gift I could have given myself.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Congrats on your one year plus anniversary, Downunder! Some are lucky enough to quit and hardly ever think of them, and when they do they are deliriously happy as the realization of being free will hit! Sounds like you fall in that category, I'm happy to say I do too.... tickles me every time to think I no longer HAVE to smoke! Cheers and well done! Bella

removed speehify

Aahhh....the traditional speechifying :)

Better late than never.....and 'tis only your right to paste it to these walls in your celebration.

Well done, Downunder :cool:

Thanks Cavalier for pointing this out.

I am so sorry that was not my intention to speechify. I have removed the post. I was only trying to say what helped me quit.

Downunder :confused:

It was a damn good speech....one I enjoyed reading and I'm sure others would've too.

Not only that, it would've helped newbies who at the moment feel that 1 year is a very, very long way away.

Please could you post it back up.

Keep on, keepin' on,


Congratulaions to you, isn't it great to speak in years?


Well done! Another person in the penthouse!!

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