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Be a respectable ex-smoker!

The "funniest" non-smokers are ex-smokers. Funny in the head, that is.

A non-smoker is someone who has never smoked, whereas an ex-smoker is somebody who has smoked, but who chose to quit smoking. Non-smokers have no idea what smoking is all about, so basically anything they have to say about smoking is "boring." They simply do not know. On the other hand, ex-smokers tend to fall into two camps; those who no longer smoke and get on with their lives, and those who decide to make it their mission to persecute smokers. I fall in the former camp, preferring to allow people to do whatever they want with their short time on earth, whereas others prefer to have a go at those who haven't achieved the same "level of realization" as themselves. I laugh in the face of those who choose to make their quit everyone's quit.

1) You're unsupportive!

"I quit, and therefore you should quit! In fact, everyone in the world has to quit to support me, because I'm me! If you don't agree with me, then I reserve the right to bite your head off, and then ask you to comfort me while I cry in your arms."

2) You stink, and everything stinks!

"Since I stopped smoking, YOU started to smell really bad. Regardless of the fact that I also used to stink like hell and never gave a damn about it, it's now your problem, because YOU didn't stop smoking like me, and now I reserve the right to be rude to you for STINKING LIKE HELL."

3) I decided to live, so why are you committing suicide?

"I contracted a hideous disease, and therefore you will too. I stopped smoking to prevent further development of my disease... Why the F do you continue to smoke? Are you completely insane?"

These are just a few examples of things that really annoy me. I'm sure there are plenty of others...

I chose to start smoking, and I chose to stop smoking. It was MY choice. I don't judge smokers, ex-smokers or non-smokers any differently than before, during, or after I quit.

It is my life, and you should make it yours.


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Hi Micheal

I like the live & let live part ...the fact that your quit is you own & take pride in that fact. Like you state its about choices .. smokers would not take any sort of comfort from a rub in the face from an ex smoker.

Not forgetting i think plays a major part to keeping your quit going.

Any smoker would probably secretly wish they was quit. The wanting to quit when smoking probably outweights dramatically the wanting to smoke when quit.

A lovely inviting post to read ...especially for new members wishing to quit in the new year ...they will relate to this post

Just Brilliant :)


Thanks for this, thought provoking.

I want to agree with you, I certainly dont want to become a 'bang my drum' ex-smoker, but I worry about absolutes. I think that one of the myths that supported my smoking habit for all those years was that smokers are innately more interesting than nonsmokers- the rebels, the nonconformists, the avant garde etc. Now I think that this was possibly utter bollocks,although, as I have said before, it's the only club I ever felt welcome to join.

Now I am aiming for a true to myself without standing on other peoples toes vibe- so that might mean that I will point out to a friend that her extremely serious ear infections are most probably connected to her smoking, but I will always invite her to my house, and ensure that she can smoke and is comfortable.

It is very enlightening to stop smoking and suddenly see all the lies that supported my habit in giant neon-lit 3d. It would take a superhuman effort not to point them out to other people at times. Also, it might be that saying it would be the lightbulb moment that triggers them to stop, and stopping is so fantastic.

Am I rambling? I think I am rambling.:confused:


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