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I Dont Bloody Believe it ONE YEAR QUIT

One year ago today I quit smoking for the last time, I would like to apologise to any members or guests on this forum if I have ever given them the impression that I have found this quit easy, it is totally not the impression I have intended to give, and it is definitely not the way it has been .

I now look back on the reasons why I have managed to stay quit, but in doing that I have to see the reasons I smoked in the first place, so here lies the tale and if you have nothing better to do for the next hour or two then here it is.

If you get bored and want to leave I will completely understand, well it is Christmas Day and you must all have something better to do with your selves, ok bye then, ermmmm that leaves possibly one of you still reading :D

I smoked for 41 years and from day one it has always been a rebellious act, totally directed at my Mother who tried to discourage me, but at 16 her demands for me not to smoke fell on deaf ears, I honestly believe that the more she remonstrated with me not to smoke the more determined I was to continue, and so a smoker I became, and from that day till the day she died at 77 with Lung Cancer she never again asked me or advised me not to smoke, possibly because she felt as a heavy smoker herself she had no right to expect me to quit something she herself could not give up.

For the first 5/6 years maybe, I did not inhale, the action of drawing smoke into my lungs had the effect of making me cough and wheeze and my eyes would stream and dizziness would engulf me hence the reason for pretending to smoke, my future husband at the time would look at me with bemusement, I knew that although he never commented on my smoking habit I knew he would have preferred me not to smoke, but he being a non smoker didn’t realise the implications of continuing to puff on what was at the time thought to be an excellent stress buster or so we were lead to believe by the tobacco companies and the government.

I will say though that whenever I became pregnant I did stop the dreaded weed, but more or less the instant the child was delivered in too the world I was back on the fags again.

So my life continued and as I said eventually I began to inhale, and it’s really strange but the difference in my enjoyment of the cigs from when I was just taking the smoke into my mouth to when I began to inhale it, didn’t seem to me to be that much difference, I cannot say Oh yes the enjoyment increased, the only change was that I needed more than the 5 or 6 I had always smoked, so there it was, I was now addicted to the dreaded nicotine and would continue to be so for the next 40 years, I do not take off the 11 months that I quit 17 years ago as I didn’t ever during that quit feel happy, I spent the entire 11 months feeling totally bereft wondering why I had quit smoking and waiting for the day I would start again which obviously I did.

We none of us know what is lying round the corner for us, but what we do know is that there is a great possibility that one of the things that could be there if we carry on smoking is cancer, ok if you are like my Mum who used to say you have to die of something, I agree you do but why choose a slow painful option, a choice that will also take away our quality of life before it eventually kills us very painfully by drowning us in our own body fluids, sorry not what you want to hear on this happy Day is it.

So as you all know I took the plunge on Christmas Day 2009, at 9 am I put out my last cigarette knowing that my Mum would be so proud and pleased with me especially as she and my Dad and many, many more relatives died of smoking related diseases.

So I have at last written it down my Year Quit Thread and I hope that if nothing else it has given you a little insight into not only why I need to stay quit, but also to why many more should also make a conscious decision to quit and stay quit.

May all the corners you turn not be riddled with disease and heartache?

And may you all have a fabulous Christmas and the most amazing smoke free 2011, I also hope that 2011 will see thousands more join the road to smoke free.

Last but not least I have to say that without this forum and some of the members I would not and could not have reached this amazing goal of one year of being a non smoker, so thanks again and make a space for me at the Bar in the penthouse.

PS I have spent many hours dreaming up a brilliant thread to post on my one year quit and now you are thinking is that the best she can do, yep it is and to be honest it’s not really that important what we write only that we have achieved whatever it was we set out to do, I set out to stop smoking and here I am one year later and I have stopped, not bad for someone who only intended to quit for a couple of weeks to get over a cold is it.


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What a fantastic post - you deserve all the congrats going! I hope to be able to join you in a fair few months.....

Oh and Merry Christmas

Jane x





on your 1 year,

Jammie :D

Totally brilliant speech too :cool:

Merry Christmas....and enjoy the meal out :)


A Very Well Done on the Year from me too. Jam xx

Enjoy this first special christmas and also thank you for all your help with my quit too. :)


Thank You

Even now I have done it, the year I mean, I am still finding it hard to believe that I have achieved the amazing Penthouse, would like to say that it would be better if it wasnt quite so high as I cant go near the windows and have to stay by the Bar, shucks life is a bitch LOL.

Thanks Jane,Cav,Michael and Joe for your good wishes and I am sure that those that havent managed the giddy heights of the Penthouse will with the help of the forum and the great support it gives will be there in 2011, Happy Christmas and yes I will enjoy my Chriggy Dinner that I dont have to cook for once, mmmmm and of course the drinky poos at the Bar.


Great big Congratulations, it is a very special day to celebrate your very special day, enjoy every minute, a whole year is brilliant.

Jackie x


Hi Jackie, quitting on Christmas Day was not a premeditated thought, more a response as I said to a bad cold but I will never forget what Day I quit will I.

In the process of getting ready for going out so I keep popping on so thanks for the post, have a great Day x


Hey Jam, i just posted a reply on your other 1 year quit thread, but i hadnt seen this one!

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

I cant wait to join the penthouse in about 7 and a half months! Gosh, it seems like i have quit smoking fo rso long but its actually not been that long has it!

Anyhow, well done to you!


I know what you mean Claire, but trust me you will wake up one morning in the not too distant future to realise that you have been quit for a year and want it feel good.

Enjoy the rest of your Day and dont eat/drink too much like me x


Ha, you did it. You got your one year smoke free in :cool:

I never doubted that you would get to this milestone and without a single smoke along the way too ...... an excellent blip free quit.

Huge Congratulations to you

I raise my glass of Baileys to you and toast your 1 Year Smoke free :cool:

Cheers Girl :D

To continuing smokefreedom

Pol xx


What a girl

Jamangie, what a brilliant post but then again I would expect nothing less from you. This was brilliant to read as let's us all see a little bit of what makes Jamangie tick.

It has been a a strange journey for us both (for people who don't know Jamangie and I quit within aweek of each other) with all the various ups and downs and I credit you in particular for talking me through some of my hardest moments. So it is with the greatest of pleasure that I put my hand out to welcolme you into the Penthouse, and I hope that even although we have passed that magical one year mark that none of us stop supporting the new members as the years roll on.

Wishing you and the family and all the other members of this fourm a Very Merry Christmas and a happy new year and as we say in Scotland have a great night on Hogmanny.




I know its been a hard year for you as it was for me but I am so glad you are here in the penthouse. Pol and I have just opened a bottle of bubbly in your honour, so if you would like to join us ....................................................................:D

Love Dee xxxx


Well Pol what can I say, but that you were right and that I would make 12 Months smoke free, I thank you so much for being one of the supporters to talk me through, your little feet and hands must have been perished LOL I hope you are warm and enjoying Christmas Day xx

And as for my good friend Danny, I hope that you are also having a fantastic Chriggy Day and enjoying your second smoke free Christmas, thanks matey boy for all your support and for allowing me to support you as I have found giving support to be as helpful to staying quit as many other things xx

I cannot believe that so many have taken the time to come on here on today of all days to give me their good wishes, makes me feel that quitting smoking was so well worth it just to gain the friendship of so many great people on this site, dont ever thing quitting is not worth it cause it is xx


Well done, Jammie pants!! Big CONGRATS and welcome to the Penthouse! So glad you made it, never had a doubt you would! XXX


Hi Dee, sos I have only just seen your post, thanks you for that and I know no matter what the year has brought with it, the ups and downs of the quit it has at last been worth it, I hope you have has a lovely Christmas Day and that you can rest a bit more today x

And Bell cant say I know what time of the Day it is there and also I bet you are not freezing cold either, yes I will join you for a drink is it not a bit early though, who cares though we are allowed arent we.

So now Chriggy Day is over I am starting year 2 of my quit LOL (sorry Bell)


Jam! You did it! This year has not been without ups and downs but here you stand! Thanks for amusement and unwavering loyalty and much support. Hope you enjoyed your day my friend. Love fi x x


Thanks Fi I hope you have had a superb Christmas and that you have had all the pressies that you wanted not what others thought you wanted.

I had a suprise package from my friend who lives in spain, erm a pack of Baccy, rizlas, filters and a real must, a ciggy lighter that is also a torch um what do you think I should do with it LOL have added it to my stash on top of the kitchen cupboard in a plastic tub, yes I am one of these strange quitters who couldnt have done it without some in the house and the car to be there if I ever got realy desperate, having them there has helped me but it doesnt work for every one I know.

I dont smoke one day at a time and I am not obligated to stay quit either so daft as that may sound thats the reason I do not smoke, no pressure.


Yaaaaay Congratumelations Jamangie, knew you could do it!

(And this is a great excuse to break out the boingy kittens again!)

Now, did someone say there was BOOZE???! :D


Well done :D

As a relative newby I'm strangely....jealous :p

I wanna be like you-oo-oo


Thank you for the Boingy Kittens they are so sweet an make me feel all warm and cuddly LOL also thank you for the good wishes, yea would you adam and eve it 1 year and it doesnt seem a moment too soon x

Thanks Loo you will be here before you know it, I was also jealous of all the year quitters when I first came on and truly believed that I would not get to a year and I did, so keep your optimism up front and you will get there.


Well done Jamangie , it is so nice to see you settled into the penthouse:D.

Stay focussed as I know you will and savour every enjoyable moment as you enter into your 2nd year as a NON SMOKER !:cool:

Trev x


Well done Jamangie, your first post was inspirational. Fab Fab Fab on where you are....only 46 weeks left for me til I get there xxx


My goodness my friend. Glad to see you have settled in nicely. If you are very good I will share my secret stash, (that even Bella doesn't know about).

So proud, and I know for a fact that lots of others are too.

Here's to an amazing 2011.


If you are very good I will share my secret stash, (that even Bella doesn't know about).

Keep your secret stash, Bev..... I'm fine ;)


Move over Bell and I will join you, thanks for being a big enough mate to share, not sure about those blokes though.

Hi Bev thank you for the offer of some of your stash as well, what do you think of Bells choice of men???? LOL


Thanks Bell I am sure glad that there is plenty of wine but think I will pass on those blokes, thanks for the offer though will bear it in mind LOL xx

Hi Bev when we have drunk the river dry will help you get through your stash, thanks for the grats any way xx

And Blade, how pleased am I that you have been and dun it for me, thanks matey boy XX

Rach1 you are doing really well and before you know it we will be serving you wine in the Penthouse xx


Well done Jamangie on your one year. Sorry I missed the day but have not really been on over the last week. I'll raise a glass of white for you to your next smoke free year.

Sian x:D


Thank You Sian, you are doing so well and I hope I can manage as long, thank you for the post.


Well done jamangie on your year quit:D


That's fantastic

Hi Jamangie, I have been MIA for a while but am now back with the programme. I found your post really inspiring. Congratulations on reaching the penthouse!:)


Sorry I am late

WELL DONE JAM :) I hope you are enjoying the Penthouse


Well done jamangie on your year quit:D

Thanks Mod 4, honoured to have your Congrats.

Hi Jamangie, I have been MIA for a while but am now back with the programme. I found your post really inspiring. Congratulations on reaching the penthouse!:)

Glad to see you back EllieC and on the right side of the track, I hope you are going great guns and feeling scrummy, thought you said perspiring LOL

Sorry I am late

WELL DONE JAM :) I hope you are enjoying the Penthouse

How dare you be late you little Tinker :) umm OK I except your appologies cause I am so pleased to see you, hopes you are good and behaving your self, bit high for me so spend all my time at the bar with my eyes closed LOL


congrats on reaching your year goal :D well done


Thanks Carol, this time next year you will be in the Penthouse singing your head off, it isn’t easy and there will I am sure be times when you will wonder why you have chosen to quit.

When you feel like that sit and reread all the posts on here and then you will know why, it’s so you don’t die prematurely of some dreadful disease that could have been avoided, also I bet you don’t get so puffed out anymore.


Sorry I'm late.... but really well done JAM. I always thought that quitting on Christmas Day would be harder than any other day, but look at you, seriously well done


Thanks Dave I am pleased to have the congrats no matter when they come late or not, Yea Christmas was a strange time to decide to quit smoking but I don’t think the Day matters, I think that once the decision has been made and not just in the head but in the heart as well we are capable of anything, quitting smoking being one of them.

People give up many things, drinking, food, gambling etc etc but I personally think quitting smoking can be the hardest thing to give up and no matter how long we stay quit we will always be nicotine addicts and will need to be vigilant for the rest of our lives.

Scares me when I hear that someone has been quit 15/20 years and they smoke again, shows how strong the need is doesn’t it.


Well believe it cos it's true :D BIG MASSIVE WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS !!!! you have been a reaal inspiration to us all, keep going onwards & upwards, i'm right behind you. xx


Well believe it cos it's true :D BIG MASSIVE WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS !!!! you have been a reaal inspiration to us all, keep going onwards & upwards, i'm right behind you. xx

Another few weeks and you will have the same amount of good wishes.

And I will lay out the red carpet for you, and of course the odd little tipple if you can force yourself to join me at the Bar.

Be warned though its pretty high up and I have vertigo now but at least its not dizziness from smoking :eek:


Would gladly join you at the bar :D yee one year quit,,,,, what an achievement eh?? brilliant. :D


Smile, Smile, Smile, makes me grin to think I have passed that what was to me the most amazing milestone, but dont be like me thinking that I wouldnt make it cause you will I promise, maybe if like me a little plumper LOL



a very well done effort. We are all proud of you.


A bit late to the party here but many congratulations Jammie :). That's a fantastic achievement and your initial post was more than worthy of a one year post :).

I hope to join you in the Penthouse in 9 months time :D.

Ed xxx


Jamangie, so sorry - haven't been on here for ages. Well done on gettign to 1 year quit, keep up the good work.

I will be in that penthouse come March, so keep a seat warm for me xx


She did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so proud of you madam!!! :D

You were there at the beginning and we shared the woes of the dreaded quit ... I'm not far behind you so put the bubbly on ice please and I will see you in just over a week ... WOW!!!! :p (I hope no-one minds my two ciggies in Sept .. I don't want to feel like a cheat ... I know I'm not I have put my lifeblood into this quit!!!!!!!)

WAY TO GO JAMANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Congratulations and thank you for sharing. I'm only a few weeks away from my first year quit and now you've got me thinking about what I'm going to write lol. I'm going to be in Singapore working at the time but it will be lovely to be able to come in and share with all my smoking quit buddies...

You've been a huge support to me over the past year - I hope to one day be able to help others too..


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