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My Month 3......Its cold outside & I dont have a key so please let me in


Good Morning All

Im outside in the cold waiting to get in as i dont have a key yet and i want to join my Fellow October 2010 Quiiters that are waiting in there for me.

Yup, here it is Month 3, i am now into Month 3 and i Cannot believe it. On my previous attempts the furthest i got was 3-4 weeks but its nearly 9 weeks now and im starting to post in the Month 3 section. I am well chuffed as i did not think i would ever be able to stop smoking and feel like i have a life again, but i did and i have.

Anyhow Guys and Gals, Have a Great Christmas and New Year, dont let your guard down esp if you smoke when drinking but stay strong and see you all in 2011.


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Happy crimbo

you see,you did it 3 months next 3 will be easy and the next 3 you will hardly notices.

I am on day 72 and not looking back.


Well done Terri & Jo,

You have given yourself the best xmas present ever :D

Have a brilliant xmas & Happy New Year.

Gaynor x

Congrats NN and Tell, for both of your respective milestones :cool::cool:

Keep reading and posting and who knows but likely you will double those milestones and more.

Have a great Xmas and celebrations.

Keep on keepin' on,


The other way to look at it is that you are a quarter of the way to being quit for one whole year, I promise you that it gets better and better and soon the thoughts will be more "I am a non smoker" and that is a great feeling and I can see by your solid quit that you want look back.

You've done so well. Thanks for all your support. I think it's fab that you're at 9 weeks now. Well done xxx

Brilliant Jo,

Well done you :D


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