43 days done!!

Hi folks

Sorry I have not been around for a while - only it has been really difficult recently so have been trying to stay away from things that make me think of smoking!! A tad selfish I know, but whatever it takes eh??

Any how still really missing the old ciggies, not craving just missing them, feeling like I could do with just the one - but we all know where that leads!!

Good to see MichaelF has been keeping everyone entertained in my absense!!!

If I don't post again before xmas you all have a great smoke free one - and remember Santa won't bring you anything if you haven't been good!!

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  • Well done John, that's really impressive and it's great to see that you're still around :)

    Maybe if you start ****ysing why you just 'feel' like one or why you are missing them it might help to get rid of those feelings (just a suggestion, but you seems to be doing great).

    Have a great smoke-free xmas yourself!

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