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Nearly at 11 Months


Im still here, Its getting really easy now, i still think about smoking from time to time but nowhere near as much as I used to.

Its like oh yeah i used to smoke like him/her but now i dont, and then i get on with my life.

Really positive and I feel as if my life has moved on now, More important things have taken over and now I couldnt care less about smoking, im more interested in finding a new sofa for my new house or which hoover I should buy lol.

For any newbies reading this. It does get easier I would say the first month was hardest, then it got easier then again at 3 months it started to get alot easier.

Then by the time I got that far I started to get the feeling that If I did give up on the quit I would loose all the effort that I put in during the last 3 months which really helped me.

Anyway Have a good smokefree Christmas everyone!

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Good going Quitter, not long now before you start talking in years. You will also be able to celebrate your first Christmans in years as a non-smoker very soon.

Happy Christmas to you.



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