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I have turned that corner, and BOY does it feel good!

133 days!

Hi all,

i just want to say that since hitting 100 days (but especially since hitting 110 days) all of a sudden i feel like i have turned a corner!

Not had a craving, or a "oh, i used to have a fag in this situation/at this time of day" moment, or even thought about having a ciggie and can honestly say that i feel like a non-smoker!

I just wanted to let you all know this as i remember as i was approaching 100 days (and even a few times before that) i had a few REALLY hard weeks/days/hours.....and i want you all to know that you CAN do it!!

I now cant wait to enter 2011 as a happy, content , helthy, fit non-smoker!

Oh, and what have i done with the money i have saved since 8th Aug (my quit date)???- i have put it towards a nice car!! i am picking it up in the new year, its a very beautiful Yaris!! Woo-Hoo!!

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That's just so lovely to see Claire! I remember those really hard weeks and what you felt like, I'm sure this wonderful post ia going to help loads of people who might have those bad hours/days/weeks like you did.

Thanks for all of your help when I've been down :) I think I'm heading where you are (I suppose we're all heading there tho really!) in terms of feeling like a non-smoker but I don't feel quite there yet. I'll see you there soon :P

Congrats on your amazing new car!


I suppose we're all heading there tho really!

yes, and we will all make it!! well done claire, though with what they say about 3's i'm not holding my breath for day 133 just yet :)


Thanks guys,

it feels good!

Yep Sophia, we are all heading in the same direction and we'll all get there too!

Thanks Smoker- i am looking forward to day 333, then i can laugh in its face!:D


Well done Claire hun

Fab work lovely treat too. I love the yaris. My treat was a micra it The yaris was my other option.xxxxxxx


Superb Claire.....

Any way you can come here and drag me round that corner too???? :rolleyes:


Thanks Linda- i cant wait to go and get her!!

Jane- if i could pull each of you around that corner, i just have to know that you CAN do it. You remember my really really tough weeks just before i hit this stage? It was the worst of my quit by miles, but honestly, its the best feeling in the world to comer out the other end still not smoking and shouting " F you Nicodemon, I WIN"!!

Come on Jane- you can do it, dont let Nicodemon beat you!!

I am always still vigilant still, and remember all those on the first few days of this forum who have said that they quit before and gave in after X amount of months..i think we all have to be conscious of it...but just not being aware of every cigarette in a 10 mile radius is good!!


Good to hear you are doing so well :-D

I bought myself a brand spanking new Yaris at the beginning of November... Very nice car and a good incentive not to smoke!

Bad cravings stopped after about 70 days but I must admit that I had a slight craving/empty feeling this morning just for a split second when someone walked past who had obviously been smoking, so that was the first for about 2 weeks.

I must admit I still like the smell even though I don't miss the coughing and wheezing!!!


Thanks RDNZL,

glad to hear that the Yaris is good, my sister says the same!

I am really excited to get a car that is never going to be smoked in!

Its a big deal to me as i have never been in the position to afford a new car (well, newer than anything that costs over £1000 anyway, lol)!

Its 9 yrs old, but in great condition and i can afford it, thats what counts!!

I must admit that i HATE the smell of smokers/ciggies now. For the first few month i enjoyed that smell, but i really dont anymore. Also, this is my forst winter in YEARS that i've not had a chest infection, bronchitas or pleurisy (i am not sure if i spelt those correctly!!), so i am 120% sure that i am healthier and its only going to get better.

The only downside to quitting is the fact that i am a stone and a half heavier, but am plannin gto shift that in the new point worrying about it now, its nearly xmas!!

HOws every doing with the snow? We have hardly had any here! Are some of you snowed in?


Well done claire ,and well done on being able to think like you are a non smoker . I wished i could , but im always on my toes . Im coming up to my 4th month soon .thats the longest iv ever been quit in the passed .So when i pass that and get to 4 and a half months then i will be proud . My craves are very short if i do have one .but they are still there in the background .Well done again :Dx


Thanks Jans,

Coming up to 4mnths is a great acheivement! You willpass that 4 and a half months no probs, i'm sure!


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